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Bob Ludwig


Early one morning in 1982, I walked into Bob Ludwig’s room at Masterdisk to master an album I had produced by an Australian band called The Church. When I arrived, Bob was just running off a ref for a project he had worked on the day before, and suggested that I relax on his couch (between the mastering desk and his large Altec monitors) and have a listen. As I had just finished mixing The Church’s nice, melodic, strummy album at 4 a.m., I had gotten very little sleep so I figured, great, I’ll just catch a few more winks before we start.

Next thing I knew, I was practically blasted right off the couch by the cannons of AC/DC’s “For Those About to Rock.” At this point, besides being fully awake, I was wondering how he was going to transition his brain (and mine) from an assault like that to The Church, but needless to say, as always, he did an absolutely flawless job on two records that couldn’t have been more different!
Bob Clearmountain, mixer extraordinaire

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