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Bootsy Collins Boards The Ark

Bootsy Collins The Ark recording studio profiled in Mix magazine

A pair of funk legends: Bootsy Collins (left) and George Clinton in The Ark

The Ark studio (Cleveland, Ohio) is the new production home of funk (and fashion) icon Bootsy Collins and Bootzilla Productions. “I outgrew my [previous] personal studio,” Collins says. “When I wanted to do a big horn session or string session at the ‘Re-Hab’ studio, we were on top of each other like we used to travel with Funkadelic in a car with all of us and the equipment strapped on top of the hood, the trunk or anywhere else you and your mouth could fit.”

Collins’ new 40×30-foot studio fills his space requirements, but he says that the space was originally “so live, when we talked to one another it sounded like we had built-in reverb systems coming out of our mouths.” Collins treated the room with a combination of absorptive Auralex treatments: the Russ Berger-designed AudioTiles (echo, reflection), SonoFlat Panels (mid to high frequencies) and 4-inch StudioFoam Pyramids (low frequencies).

The Ark is equipped with a Pro Tools system and loads of Mackie gear: Digital X-Bus-200, Onyx 8-Bus, MR8 reference monitors, four SA1532z mains and two 218 subs. Most essential, Collins’ bass rig includes two Crown Micro 5000 power amps, two Micro 3600s, four Micro 2500s, six Alembic bass preamps, two Quad 18 cabs, two Quad 15 bass cabs, and four 8×18 Ampeg “Bootsy” custom cabinets.

For details about the studio’s outboard gear and keyboard setup, visit