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Brauner Introduces VMA Mic

The latest microphone from Brauner is the VMA (MSRP: $7,000), which offers users a choice between the original and a "vintage" sound

The latest microphone from Brauner is the VMA (MSRP: $7,000), whichoffers users a choice between the original and a “vintage” sound withthe flick of a switch. The VMA is derived from eight years ofexperience with the VM1. This new microphone combines the core designof the VM1 with additional input from Brauner customers worldwide.

A toggle switch on the power supply allows users to set the mic totwo different operational modes. One represents the sound of a VM1 andthe second sets the microphone to operate with a sweet and mellow tubesound reminiscent of vintage mics.

Unique circuitry and biasing help the VMA achieve each of itssounds. Switching from one position to the other introduces parameterchanges, rebiasing the microphone and introducing different sets ofcomponents into the circuit.

The first Brauner VMA was ordered by New York’s Sony Music Studiospresident David Smith at the show. Brad Lunde, president ofTransamerica Audio Group, the U.S. distributor for Brauner, said thatElliott Scheiner was so impressed with the VMA at the recent AES showthat he said it was the best-sounding microphone he had ever heard. “Hesaid that he can’t wait to use it in front of Donald Fagen on the nextSteely Dan album next year,” said Lunde. According to Lunde, Al Schmittwas also overheard enthusing about the VMA.

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