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Brauner, Soundelux, Daking Chosen for Von Schweikert Speaker Test

Loudspeaker designer Albert Von Schweikert tested his Von Schweikert Audio $100,000-plus VR11-XTC home theater speakers recently by reproducing a three-dimensional sound stage, and using equipment from Soundelux, Brauner and Daking.

Loudspeaker designer Albert Von Schweikert tested his Von SchweikertAudio $100,000-plus VR11-XTC home theater speakers recently byreproducing a 3-D soundstage and using equipment from Soundelux,Brauner and Daking.

Pictured, from L to R: Misty River Band members Dana Abel, ChrisKokesh and Laura Quigly; Todd Peterson, marketing and communications,Transamerica Audio Group; Carol Harley, Misty River Band; Brad Lunde,president, Transamerica Audio Group; and Chris Huston, front-of-houseengineer

The “experiment” took place daily in front of live audiences in theChateaux Ballroom of the San Remo Hotel during the recent 2004 CES Showin Las Vegas.

Female vocal group the Misty River Band provided music for the demo,singing and playing fiddle, accordion, upright bass and acoustic guitarbetween the two 7-foot-tall, 800-pound Von Schweikert loudspeakers.

Todd Peterson from Transamerica Audio Group notes, “The mics we usedwere the Soundelux ifet7 on accordion, Soundelux E47 on Dana’s vocal,Soundelux E49 on Chris’s vocal and violin, Soundelux ELUX 251 onupright bass, Brauner Valvet Voice on Laura’s vocal, Valvet Voice onCarol’s vocal, and Brauner Phantom C on Carol’s Guitar.”

All mics were connected to a Geoffrey Daking 16-channel mixingconsole using custom Zero-Crystal cables made by Acoustic Zen. Theboard’s output was fed to Ed Meitner’s EMM Labs’ A/D converters andthen on to a Sony DSD stereo recording system. Engineer Chris Hustonmixed the tracks for a “mirror image sound recording.”

The Von Schweikert speakers, used only for playback, contained fourrear-mounted 15-inch woofers connected to built-in 2,000-wattamplifiers. Mounted up front were eight 9-inch woofers, two 7-inchmidrange drivers and four tweeters.

The XTC Model used for the demo comes with electronic crossovers andfive separate stereo amplifiers for the two towers.

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