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Budd Stays Busy with Audient

Emerging artist finds iD22 interface key in his studio.

Birmingham, UK (March 7, 2018)—Producer, remixer, engineer and composer Chris Budd, who recently signed his current project, BUDD, to deadmau5’s independent mau5trap label, uses Audient’s iD22 audio interface in his studio.

Budd is busy. His new EP with mau5trap came out yesterday, and an album is coming towards the end of the year. He’s also finished up remixes for Dirty Vegas and the new single from The Wombats. Then there’s his ongoing position as resident percussionist with the Ministry of Sound, including their brands Hedkandi and Housexy, and work on soundtrack music for FIA Formula E electric car racing, which he describes as “a great challenge which gets me out of my comfort zone.”

Audient Unveils iD44 Audio Interface

“iD22 is the main hub of my home studio. I also use it a lot for tracking; for things like little vocal samples and especially percussion or quirky one-hit sounds,” explains Budd. “The pres in the iD22 are pretty transparent which is great for dance music, as I can record in drum or percussion samples then treat them pretty heavily knowing they won’t be too colored.

“The headphone out is also one of the best I’ve heard; I do a lot of reference work in various sets of headphones. It’s always useful to know that what’s coming out of the headphones is a true reflection of what’s really happening sonically.

“Even just simple features like being able to quickly toggle between stereo and mono are massive for me when I’m mixing, as that’s one thing I tend to do constantly, as well as bouncing between monitors or headphones — it’s super quick. The dimmer switch is also a nice little touch as my phone is always ringing.”

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