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Cakewalk Announces New Plug-Ins, Editions of Home Studio Software

Cakewalk announces the development of Soundstage and fx:verb plug-ins for the Roland V-Studio Platform, via the VS8F Plug-in Effect Expansion Board.

Cakewalk announced the development of Soundstage and fx:verbplug-ins (pictured) for the Roland V-Studio Platform via the VS8FPlug-in Effect Expansion Board.

As previously announced, Roland opened up its successful V-Studioplatform to outside plug-in developers. Industry developers joiningCakewalk in the initial plug-in offerings include Antares, IKMultimedia, Massenburg Labs, McDSP Sound Toys, TC Electronics andUniversal Audio.

In other Cakewalk news, the company recently localized French andGerman language versions of the Home Studio 2004 and Home Studio 2004XL software.

Based on Cakewalk’s SONAR audio and MIDI technology, the localizedversions of Home Studio 2004 provide amateur musicians and thosegetting started with PC-based recording with a features such asunlimited audio and MIDI tracks; 24-bit/96kHz recording support,Cakewalk VST Adapter; audio loop construction tools; hundreds of MBs ofACID-format audio loops; real-time effects; multiport Drum Gridediting; ReWire 2.0 support for integration with Project5, Reason,Rebirth soft synth studios; ASIO and WDM hardware support; DXi 2.0support for multi-out synths and automation from synth interface;easier DXi synth integration with Synth Rack; Edirol Virtual SoundCanvas DXi 2.0 and Audio Simulation DreamStation DXi 2.0 soft synths;and improved file management (per-project audio files, intelligent filenaming).

Home Studio 2004 XL, the premium-edition of Home Studio2004, also includes the DYAD DXi (expressive SF2 sample player witha full CD of compatible Sound Font sample banks) and additional audioeffects, including SpectraFX (multi-effects processor); Audio FX 1Dynamics Processing Suite, which includes compressor/gate,expander/gate and limiter; and Audio FX 2 Analog Suite, which includesamp simulation and analog tape simulation.

For localized pricing and availability visit: (Germany,Switzerland, Austria), (France), (Belgium)or (Canada).