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Cakewalk Releases Free 3.1 Update for SONAR Producer, Studio Editions

Cakewalk released the 3.1 update for SONAR 3, which provides enhancements including multiprocessor optimization, support for all sample rates, high-quality

Cakewalk released the 3.1 update for SONAR 3, which provides enhancements including multiprocessor optimization, support for all sample rates, high-quality file import/export audio conversion using Windowed Sinc resampler, adjustable EQ plot resolutions, missing plug-in protection, StudioMix control surface plug-in and a revised Play List view. The update also addresses a number of minor bugs discovered after SONAR 3 began shipping.

Other features include increased tempo range (maximum tempo has been increased to 1,000 bpm); a Reset All Meters command that clears meter clips and resets numeric peak values in all views simultaneously for all meters; a “Fit Tracks to Window” and “Fit Project to Window” commands that now work in the Bus pane when it is the active view; all toolbars can now be shown/hidden via key bindings; and control surfaces can now be assigned to control channel EQs (Producer Edition only).

The SONAR 3.1 update is available now. Registered SONAR 3 users can download the update for free at SONAR 3 Producer Edition has a MSRP of $719 and SONAR Studio Edition is $479.

In other company news, Cakewalk announced the free 1.5 update for the Project5 soft synth workstation. Project5 offers a complete suite of synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, audio and MIDI effects, and audio looping tools in an integrated studio environment.

Project5 1.5 highlights include P-SEQ updated with Centralized Step-Sequencer mode, which expands on features that were previously exclusive to the SYNCHRON32 MFX plug-in bundled with Project5. This enhancement features global step resolution; new note attributes including tie, legato, flam and gate; fast and intuitive mouse-driven control; transparent overlay of automation over note data; and Loop Record modes.

Also new to the update is Track Patches, in which users can save a track’s instrument, effects chain and plug-ins’ respective settings as a single preset. Users can then load all settings by clicking on the patch name. These files appear as additional insert options in the plug-in insertion menu in Project5. Users can create and organize their patch menus based on instrument type rather than manufacturer, such as by basses, leads, pads, kits, etc. Additionally, because the patch file is portable, users can easily share files via e-mail or through the Project5 online community (

The Resource Browser provides a custom tree view that accesses Project5 patterns and .WAV files existing anywhere on the user’s system. The Resource Browser can also be conveniently docked to the side of the application, allowing users to expand or hide it as needed. Features include multiple shortcuts, providing quick access to files that exist on other hard drives or a network; dedicated start/stop preview control to audition each media file and/or multiple files simultaneously from multiple directories before import into a project; preview all files in sync with project tempo; and preview patterns with patched synth of your choice.

Also new is extended track control functionality, which allows users to easily bypass unused synth outputs in a project, significantly reducing CPU load.

The Project5 1.5 update will be available free for download to registered Project5 users January 30, 2004, at Project5 has a MSRP of $429.