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Cakewalk Releases SONAR 3 Producer Edition

At AES 2003, Cakewalk released its SONAR 3 Producer Edition, which boasts more than 100 new features and refinements

At AES 2003, Cakewalk released its SONAR 3 Producer Edition, whichboasts more than 100 new features and refinements, includingstreamlined UI with all-new Track and Console views; Universal BusArchitecture; gapless effects patching; VST/VSTi support; enhanced MIDIrouting and synth layering; MIDI Groove Clips; multiport MTC/MIDI synctransmission; confidence recording of audio, MIDI and automation;VSampler 3.0 DXi; Ultrafunk Sonitus:fx Suite; and Lexicon PantheonReverb.

Other new features include a dynamic console view with per-channel,6-band parametric EQ and assignable FX controls; Track Inspector, anoptional vertical patch point and meter in Track view; ASIO and WDMcompatibility; full delay compensation throughout signal path; fullcontrol over color schemes with multiple presets; patch effects, trimaudio and roll-out loops without disrupting the audio stream; ACIDloop, MIDI Groove Clip, Project5 pattern support; DX (28 included), DXi(four included), MFX (13 included), ReWire, VST and VSTi support;integrate MIDI-compatible control surface; and import/export OMFI andBroadcast .WAV  clients and soft synths are directly routedthrough the extensive SONAR 3 bus architecture for enhanced processingand seamless integration with your mix.

SONAR 3 also includes content from leading sample and loopsdevelopers, including MIDI Groove Clips (a SONAR 3 exclusive) fromKEYFAX™ in folk, jazz, rock, blues guitar and drums styles; andover 500 live-percussion, drums, acoustic and electric guitar, bass,modern and vintage synth files from PowerFX™ andSmartLoops™.

SONAR 3 Producer Edition has a MSRP of $719 U.S.; SONAR StudioEdition is $479 U.S. (MSRP). Registered SONAR 2.x XL customers canupgrade to SONAR 3 Producer Edition directly through Cakewalk for $179,or SONAR 2.x to SONAR 3 Studio Edition for $99.

In other company news, Cakewalk announced the SONAR 3 ProducerEdition Tour, which features a real-world view of all the new featuresfound in this Windows production environment and will be hosted by thecompany’s product specialists. In addition, Project5, Cakewalk’s newopen soft synth studio, will also be showcased.

The tour will be staged at music retailers around the nationthroughout October and November 2003. It kicks off the week of October13 at Gand Music, Northfield, Ill.; Guitar Center, Central Chicago andHollywood; and at the Sam Ash New York City store locations. Specialpricing will be available for SONAR Producer Edition purchases the dayof the event.

For more information, visit Cakewalk on the Web at