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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Purchases Euphonix System 5-Bs

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Radio, Canada's national public broadcaster, has again selected Euphonix's System 5-B digital audio console.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Radio, Canada’s nationalpublic broadcaster, has again selected Euphonix’s System 5-B digitalaudio console. The decision to purchase a second console came shortlyafter its first System 5-B console, which was up and running this pastsummer for production work in its world-class Toronto Radio Dramastudio.

The 48-fader System 5-B, with 130 channels of processing, will beinstalled in a new remote truck used for recording and live showproduction. Radio Network operations manager, John McCarthy, said, “Thenew System 5-B will be put to heavy use over the next several years tosatisfy the demand for our new fully digital remote recording truck. Wemade the decision to purchase the first Euphonix System 5 due to itspowerful and intuitive control surface. We ordered a second System 5-Bafter discovering how easy the console is to use and understand, andour engineers also love the sound.”

Euphonix’s executive VP of sales for the Americas, Rich Nevens,commented, “CBC has very stringent requirements for their digital audioconsoles and we are delighted that the corporation has chosen Euphonixonce again. We have a successful track record of System 5s operating inmobile trucks and are fully confident that the capabilities willcomfortably handle any show they throw at it.”

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