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Carl Tatz Brings PhantomFocus to Jankland

Newly installed PhantomFocus System enables easier, faster mixes for Steve Jankowski.

Nashville, TN (April 23, 2019)—Carl Tatz Design recently completed the installation of the company’s PhantomFocus System (PFS) into Jankland Recording, which is owned by New York City-based journeyman touring trumpet player Steve Jankowski.

In addition to producing, engineering and arranging for top-name jazz acts at his facility in Wall, NJ, Jankowski is currently touring with Nile Rodgers & Chic. He comments, “I’m so impressed with how much easier and quicker I am getting good mixes with the PFS.”

Carl Tatz, award-winning studio designer and creator of the PhantomFocus System, notes, “Jankland’s control room presented several acoustic challenges that allowed us to utilize the full breadth of the PhantomFocus System’s arsenal of technology, which made this project’s transformation even more dramatic than usual.”

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Jankowski adds, “I did a jazz quartet record last week and the mixes started to sound really good within an hour. I dial in the low end so much easier now without having to print multiple mixes with bass +1 and -1. Same with vocals, and placement front to back is quicker now too. Man, it’s like a renewed love affair with music — really loving this!”

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