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Catch-22 Captured with Metric Halo Upgrade

Hulu series’ sound was captured with a beta-test card from Metric Halo.

Sardinia, Italy (July 23, 2019)—An early beta version of Metric Halo’s 3d card upgrade enabled veteran sound designer Maurizio Argentieri to expand the capabilities of his interfaces in time to record all the production sound for Hulu’s miniseries adaptation of the Joseph Heller novel Catch-22 in Italy.

Metric Halo’s recently introduced 3d hardware upgrade allows users to combine up to 128 input tracks and 64 buses with zero latency, but the 3d public release wasn’t due until after Argentieri needed it. “I talked to B.J. Buchalter and Jon Stern at Metric Halo and described my situation,” said Argentieri. “I knew 3d was coming and that it would fix any latency problems that might occur on a 2D system pushed to 32 tracks. They were kind enough to send me very early beta versions of 3d for my ULN-8 and 2882.

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“I installed them, crossed myself and hoped for the best. We would be out on an air force base for six weeks and that’s a very dusty, rugged situation for audio hardware. As it turns out, I didn’t need to be worried. Although the display on my computer died…the Metric Halo 3d system was very stable and reliable. And that was an early beta.”

After updating his five-year-old ULN-8 and a 15-year-old 2882 with Metric Halo’s 3d hardware upgrade, Argentieri had 16 analog inputs, eight digital inputs and as many output tracks and sub-mixes as he needed. “I needed a powerful recording system that would allow me to record a large number of actors and a large number of ambient tracks and that would give me lots of mix-down capabilities on the fly,” Argentieri explained. With over 25 years in the business, he has recorded and mixed for directors such as Spike Lee, Ridley Scott, Mel Gibson, Woody Allen and, now having completed Catch-22, George Clooney.

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“As you can imagine, on set at an air force base meant there was always something going on around the actors, from airplanes to trucks to cars — even to other actors screaming. The large number of tracks let me isolate individuals and sounds, and Metric Halo’s vast DSP resources let me mix and compress for dailies and for examples of how I envisioned the mix for the post-production team.”

Metric Halo: