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Celemony Celebrates 10 Years

Munich, Germany (December 7, 2010)—Celemony and its first product, Melodyne, are marking 10 years.

Munich, Germany (December 7, 2010)—Celemony and its first product, Melodyne, are marking 10 years.

Celemony is celebrating its anniversary by giving away 10 of the wooden boxes that the first Melodyne was delivered. Each box will contain a license for Melodyne Editor, Melodyne Studio and for all Celemony software products to be released over the next 10 years. In short, every winner will receive all the software products and updates released by Celemony until the year 2020 free of charge.

Three of the wooden boxes will be given away in an online drawing; to enter, leave Celemony a birthday greeting in one of three places–in the Celemony Forum, on the Facebook Fanpage wall, or on the MySpace page “Music With Melodyne.”

Three people whose names are drawn from among those greetings will each receive one of the 10 boxes. Celemony suggests leaving greetings with a touch of originality – a short film, a Melodyne anecdote, a poem or something of that kind. The fourth box will go to the person who comes up with the best greeting, chosen by Celemony. The closing date for entries is the January 16, 2011, the last day of the NAMM Show, where Melodyne was presented for the first time 10 years ago.

What about the other six boxes? A further three boxes are being offered as prizes in competitions organized by the specialist magazines Sound On Sound and EQ. More information is available in their recent issues and on their websites.

The three remaining boxes will be prizes of charity auctions on eBay. The proceeds of the three auctions to the charity Médecins Sans Frontières (aka Doctors Without Borders). All relevant information and links will be on the Celemony web site, where in January the names of the four winners will be announced and the best birthday greeting will be published.