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Class of 2003 – Studio Profiles – Page 2

2003 was a banner year for studio design: Try as we might, we couldn't possibly fit all of the hottest new rooms in the June 2003 magazine. Here are some more of the year's top picks.

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Studio: EngineRoom Audio masteringroom (New York City)
Date opened: April 2002
Designer/Acoustician: Walters-Storyk Design Group andCHBO
Workstation: SADiE 26/96
Monitors: Genelec 1031A
Photo: Robert Wolsch

Studio: The Farmhouse (film composerMark Mancina’s studio in San Bernadino, Calif.)
Date opened: January 1, 2003
Designer/Acoustician: David Abbott
Workstation: 64-channel Digidesign Pro Control
Monitors: N/A
Photo: David Abbott

Studio: Freddie Records (CorpusChristi, Texas)
Date opened: June 5, 2002
Designer/Acoustician: Russ Berger Design Group
Console: Digidesign Pro Control, Yamah 02R, Sony/MCIMXP3036
Monitors: Genelec 1039A (4), Genelec 1038A (2),Genelec 1031AP (6), Mackie HR824 (2), Mackie HR624 (2), Yamaha NS-10M(2)
Photo: James F. Wilson

Studio: Hit Factory Studio 7 (LosAngeles)
Date opened: August 2002
Designer/Acoustician: Troy Germano and Dave Bell ofWhitemark Ltd.
Console: SSL 9080 K Series
Monitors: custom Augspurger for surrounds
Photo: Dave King

Studio: Larrabee Studio A (WestHollywood)
Date opened: spring 2002
Designer/Acoustician: Steve “Coco” Brandon,in-house
Console: SSL XL 9000K SuperAnalogue
Monitors: custom Augspurger, JBL subs, Crownreference amps
Photo: Edward Colver

Studio: LedBelly Sound Studio(Canton, Ga.)
Date opened: May 6, 2003
Designer/Acoustician: M.R. Washburn/James “KingJames” Jowers
Console: Audient ASP-8024
Monitors: N/A
Photo: Matt Washburn

Studio: Luminous Sound(Dallas)
Date opened: February 2003
Designer/Acoustician: studio bau:ton
Console: SSL 9080J
Monitors: Genelec 1039 mains
Photo: Ron Lagerlof

Studio: The MACH2 5.1 facility(Milan, Italy)
Date opened: fall 2002
Designer/Acoustician: John Storyk of Walters-StorykDesign Group
Workstation: Digidesign Pro Tools|HD
Monitors: three Genelec 1038, two 1032, two1094
Photo: Robert Wolsch

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