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Community CLOUD Series

Engineered for use within standard 12-inch backboxes, Community’s new CLOUD Series loudspeakers are suited for ceiling applications requiring high-power-handling capabilities, high fidelity and low distortion.

Engineered for use within standard 12-inch backboxes,Community’s new CLOUD Series loudspeakers are suited for ceilingapplications requiring high-power-handling capabilities, high fidelityand low distortion.

Offered with a 90°x90° pattern-control horn (CLOUD 12-99)or 60°x60° pattern-control horn (CLOUD 12-66), both modelconfigurations are also available with a 70/100-volt, dual-transformerpackage, accommodating 25, 50, 100 and 200-watt taps.

Employing a coaxial two-way design, CLOUD loudspeaker systems areoutfitted with a 12-inch cast-frame, low-frequency driver and ahigh-frequency section with adjustable attenuation housing a 1-inchcompression driver. Maximum output is 122dB SPL (129 dB SPL peak) andinput is rated at 200 watts continuous (500 watts program). The systemalso boasts a operation range of 50-16k Hz and come equipped withCommunity’s PowerSense™ dynamic-driver protection. Installis via standard baffle-mount and four 8/32 mounting screws.

Both models offer an MSRP of $630/each. For more, visit