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Community Offers New Loudspeaker System

At 10.5 inches high and 21.5 inches wide, the sleek, low-profile M12 loudspeaker replaces traditional wedge-shaped floor monitors.

At 10.5 inches high and 21.5 inches wide, the sleek, low-profile M12loudspeaker replaces traditional wedge-shaped floor monitors.

Operable between 55 Hz and 18 kHz, the two-way, bass-ported systemhouses a 12-inch ferrofluid-cooled woofer and 2-inch, wide-bandcompression driver coupled with an asymmetrical horn providingfull-range output up close or at a distance. Offered in bi-amp orswitchable bi-amp/passive configurations, the M12 additionally sportsdual-NL4 connectors that are safely tucked out of harm’s way in apocket found at the bottom of the enclosure. Cables arriving at theinput panel travel hidden routes within specially molded channelsoffering the option of both side and rear access to facilitate easypositioning.

With a maximum output of 124dB SPL/131dB SPL (peak), the M12 isavailable with either a flat-black or flat-white abrasion-resistant,nonreflective Tuf-Coat™ finish. Hidden handles disappear withinthe stylish all-Fiberglas enclosure, while a “Texas boot-proof”heavy-gauge steel grille offers protection from accidental/deliberatekicks and stompings.

Now shipping, the M12 stage monitor has a suggested retail price of$2,150.

In other company news, Community took the wraps off of its newTLF218 extended low-frequency subwoofer system. Built expressly for usewith the company’s T-Class components, the dual-18 device providespotent punch, high output and low distortion in a package ideallysuited for portable sound reinforcement, dance and nightclub systems,houses of worship, theaters and sporting venues.

When used with a T-Class flybar, the TLF218’s integral flytrack facilitates hanging arrays measuring up to eight-deep. Thenarrow-profile Baltic Birch enclosure additionally shares the T-Classstacking feet and cups, Tuf-Coat™ exterior finish and Ergo-Griphandles, and is outfitted with threaded-T-nuts at the rear for use withan optional caster kit.

The TLF218 employs an innovative combination of techniques that keepvoice-coil temperatures down to avoid the reduction in output at highervolumes caused by overheating. Active-Air-cooling utilizes the bassports to move cooler outside air over the motor structures. Doing itspart for this heat-relieving cause, speaker-cone movement acts to moveair through a vented magnet pole piece also found in each driver, andbalanced cone loading enhances the linearity of the system byequalizing front and rear air loads.

Operable between 30 Hz and 250 Hz, the TLF218 has a nominalimpedance of 4 ohms and a maximum input rating of 800W continuous,2,000W program. Sensitivity is 99 dB; maximum output is 135dB SPL(peak). Standing 22x45x30 inches (HxWxD), the TLF218 has a suggestedretail price of $2,797 and is backed by a five-year warranty.

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