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Community WET Family

Community's WET family of all-weather, all-purpose loudspeakers has grown with the addition of models WET215-99H and WET2W8, offered in rugged, multilayer

Community’s WET family of all-weather, all-purpose loudspeakers hasgrown with the addition of models WET215-99H and WET2W8, offered inrugged, multilayer glass-composite packages.

The WET215-99H is an active, bi-amped, two-way device equipped witha 15-inch woofer and 1.5-inch exit high-frequency compression driver.Operable from 50 to 18k Hz with 100dB SPL (1W/1m) sensitivity and amaximum output of 123dB SPL/130dB SPL peak, the loudspeaker offerspower handling figures of 200W RMS, 500W program when optioned with ahigh-performance passive crossover.

Equipped with a pair of 8-inch, low-frequency, transducers-mountedin a “Super-V” configuration on each side of a single 1-inch exittitanium high-frequency driver, the WET2W8 can be used forunder-balcony fill speaker indoors or out, as well as stage rail fillor any foreground music application. Centrally placed on an ultrawide,120-degree pattern control horn to provide uniform coverage over thewidest possible bandwidth, the WET2W8’s LF/HF driver combinationprevents detrimental horizontal lobing from occurring in the vocalrange. The resulting performance is marked by tight midrange patterncontrol.

The enclosures and face plates on both new models are constructedusing a hand-laminated, multilayer, black-glass composite. LF cones ineach device are made of a low-mass, extremely rigid carbon fiber.Sporting their own integral mounting points, the loudspeakers alsoincorporate other weather-resistant features such as stainless-steelhardware and Community’s Weather-Stop™ grille.

Suggested prices for the WET-21599H and WET2W8 are $2,832 and$1,075, respectively.

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