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Composer Chris Chafe Gets Stealthy

Cellist/composer turns to new audio workstation to get things done.

Woodside, CA (September 5, 2019)—Like many musicians today, composer and cellist Chris Chafe works out his home recording studio, a facility where he’s created works for the Brain Stethoscope project, PolarTide for the 2013 Venice Biennale, Tomato Quintet for the transLife:media Festival at the National Art Museum of China and more.

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Developing much of his music alongside computer-based research, Chafe recently began working with an Arista Stealth Audio Workstation. Chafe explained, “One of the system’s most appealing aspects for me is the ease at setting up a dual-boot configuration using Fedora for Linux-based audio tools. Open-source tools for music making are readily available and are splendidly useful. In many cases, they serve as the backbone of my artistic practice. In this regard, the Arista workstation is perfectly matched to my requirements and marks a significant improvement over many alternatives.”

Arista’s Stealth Audio Workstation is equipped with an Intel i7-8700 six-core processor, as well as 64GB DDR4 memory that enables one to load large sample libraries. The system also has the option of larger SSDs (Solid State Disk) that provide enough storage space to record live instruments or save a library of sample-based plug-ins. The system supports a 4K display or up to three HD displays.

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“I’ve been working with the Stealth Audio Workstation for roughly eight months,” Chafe noted. “I have a demanding set of requirements in my synthesis work. Part of it requires measurement of physical instruments in varying acoustical conditions. It is not always possible—or desirable—to work in treated spaces or in locations with proper signal paths between source and recording machinery. The Arista workstation allows me to put high-speed computation in close proximity to where the work is, wherever it is—and that has proven invaluable.”

For a sample of Chris Chafe’s recent work, check out the soundtrack for A Day in the Sun (video by Greg Niemeyer).

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