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Composer Doug Hall to Open Own Company

In January 2004, composer Doug Hall will open PROPELLER, New York’s newest full-service music company.

In January 2004, composer Doug Hall will open PROPELLER, NewYork’s newest full-service music company. Partnering with formerMTV producer Iris Schaffer, Hall has created a state-of-the-artboutique dedicated to providing innovative original music and sounddesign complemented by over-the-top client services.

PROPELLER’s new midtown Manhattan space is being designed fromthe ground up. The West 45th Street studio features a JohnStoryk-designed live recording room, which can accommodate a dozenmusicians. The MIDI composing room, with a view of Rockefeller Center,is outfitted with MOTU’s Digital Performer running on a MacintoshG4, a variety of soft synths and other music software, and an inventoryof analog preamps and outboard processing gear.

“What I’ve missed most while freelancing was not havingdirect contact with agency creatives,” he said. “One of mystrengths is being able to draw out the information I need when I talkto them about their projects. It really puts clients at ease when theyknow that a composer begins the creative process with a clearunderstanding of their vision.

“Music and sound have the uniquely powerful ability to elevatemeaning and emotion when combined with visual image. The right soundscan take a message and propel it directly into the viewer’ssubconscious. The music and sound created by PROPELLER can takemessages to the next level of emotion and memorability.”

PROPELLER will also provide a platform for developing a roster offresh, young music talent. “We want to be thought of as acreative resource, which features exciting up-and-coming composers andsound designers who can bring some really unique points of view to themix,” Hall said.