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Composer John Hodian Adds Yamaha 02R96

Composer, conductor and pianist John Hodian's (The Real Gangs of New York, Toshiko Takaezu: Portrait of an Artist) Woodstock, N.Y., studio recently upgraded

Composer, conductor and pianist John Hodian’s (The Real Gangs ofNew York, Toshiko Takaezu: Portrait of an Artist) Woodstock,N.Y., studio recently upgraded with a Yamaha 02R96 Digital MixingConsole.

“The wonderful thing about the 02R96 is that it’s aneconomical and powerful solution,” Hodian said. “With 56 inputs, Idon’t even need a patchbay anymore: Everything can be plugged indirectly. Four ADAT cards allow me to go from recording 24 tracks ofsynthesizers to 32 tracks of live material coming right from thecomputer. I work a lot with Digital Performer and used to have tounplug and reconfigure my previous board every time I wanted to go fromsynth stuff to tracking and mixing live audio; now, it’s all‘right there.’

“The 02R96 has definitely increased my efficiency in recording andmixing,” he continued. “The versatility is phenomenal: It operates at48k, which is common when working with film and TV, since everyone nowedits video digitally on the Avid.”

Hodian’s current projects include a new CD for EpiphanyRecords co-founder Bet Williams. “Originally, we were going to try tomix the album somewhere else [other than his studio], but the 02R96 mixsounds so good, we’ll probably mix the entire album on it. It hasa second mode of EQ that is brand-new, and it sounds a lot warmer thanmost other consoles on the market.”

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