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Cooder Masters At Grundman

Percussionist and composer Joachim Cooder recently had his first solo album by mastering engineer Bernie Grundman.

Joachim Cooder (left) and Bernie Grundman. Photo by David Goggin.
Hollywood, CA (January 5, 2012)—Percussionist and composer Joachim Cooder recently had his first solo album by mastering engineer Bernie Grundman.

Entitled Love on a Real Train, the collaborative project includes work recorded in Los Angeles and in numerous other locales via the Internet.

Love on a Real Train is the name of the album and the project,” explains Cooder. “I am not going by my name. Basically, I made instrumental tracks and then sent them out to artists I am friends with. They write and then sing or perform over the tracks and then send them back to me if they live in another city, or I book studio time and have them record here in LA. We’ve been working at a very leisurely pace, no hurry, and it ended up complete with this amazing cast of characters.”

Included are Inara George (The Bird and the Bee), composer/trumpeter Jon Hassell, singer/songwriter Robert Francis, Cooder’s wife singer/songwriter Juliette Commagere, singer/songwriter and former skateboard pro Matt Costa, DJ Frank Lyon of the band Keepaway, and gifted violinist/vocalist Petra Haden.

“The record is ambient, but there are also some catchy tunes,” remarks Cooder. “It’s been amazing here during mastering when Bernie puts it up on his speakers and starts dialing it in. You start to hear it in a way you haven’t heard it before. To hear it grand like this is pretty special.”

Joachim Cooder was born in 1978 in Santa Monica, California. Inspired by drummer Jim Keltner, he began playing the drums at the age of five, and later studied world percussion at the California Institute of the Arts. Since then, he has participated in live performances and film scores (often with his father Ry), and numerous recordings, notably Buena Vista Social Club in 1996 and BVSC presents Ibrahim Ferrer in 1998.

Cooder has also participated in the albums John Lee Hooker, The Best of Friends (1998), Dead Man Walking — Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture (1995), Mavis Staples – We’ll Never Turn Back (2007), and Buena Vista Social Club At Carnegie Hall (2008).

Love on a Real Train will be released on Aeronaut Records, April 3, 2012.

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