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Corrado Rustici

Deconstruction of a Postmodern Musician (Sugar Music)
After some 15 years of finding and producing top Italian artists, Corrado Rustici returns with a spectacular solo effort of his own. Perhaps best known to American listeners as a sideman whose brilliant guitar work has graced works such as Aretha Franklin’s “Freeway of Love,” among many others, Rustici’s latest combines vocal and instrumental tracks in what he describes as “integral music.” I’m not sure about that label, but the music speaks for itself, combining rock, jazz and ambient stylings into a seamless blend that makes for a most enjoyable listen. The recording is pristine, the mix warm and rich. As a bonus, Rustici brings in a variety of familiar session players, including Steve Smith, Allan Holdsworth and Michael Manring, Peter Vettese and the Solis String Quartet.

LISTEN: Must Play
Maldette Stelle (featuring Italian vocalist Giuliano Sangiorgi)

LISTEN: Must Play
Tantrum to Blind (featuring Allan Holdsworth)

Producer: Corrado Rustici. Engineers: David Frazer, Luca Rustici. Studios: Fantasy Studios (Berkeley, Calif.); Mulino Recording, LnR Studio and Alari Park Studios (all in Italy). Mastering: George Marino/Sterling Sound (New York, N.Y.).
George Petersen