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Count Basie Orchestra Sessions Receive Genex Recorder

Genex Audio (Santa Monica, Calif.) recently supplied a GX9048 system to CEO/master recordist Mike Pappas of American Digital Recording for a series of

Genex Audio (Santa Monica, Calif.) recently supplied a GX9048 systemto CEO/master recordist Mike Pappas of American Digital Recording for aseries of concert recordings with the Count Basie Orchestra. Themultichannel sessions, held at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,in mid-February, will be used to prepare a special Super Audio CDcelebrating the 75th anniversary of the Neumann company and the 100thanniversary of Count Basie’s birth.

Using various surround sound arrays of Neumann and Sennheisermicrophones, Pappas made simultaneous multitrack Direct Stream Digitalrecordings of the 18-piece orchestra to the Genex GX9048. “I have beenusing Genex recorders for a number of years,” said Pappas. “We securedGX9048 Serial #0001–the first production model–and it performedflawlessly on the session. The system proved rock-solid and totallyreliable.

“Because we were making a series of recordings to show off fivedifferent 5.1-channel microphone arrays for comparison on the NeumannAnniversary SACD–in addition to a pair of stereo mixes–it wasimportant that we secure the best possible quality DSD tracks,” Pappascontinued. “The Genex GX9048 is the only recorder that could handle ourmultichannel requirements.” Neumann microphones used on the CBO sessioninterfaced with Grace Design preamplifiers through Cardis Audio miccables. Monitoring was via Avalon Acoustic loudspeakers.

Commenting on DSD, Pappas said, “Of all the formats I’ve used duringmy 30 years in the industry, Direct Stream Digital still knocks me out;it flawlessly captures every nuance–specifically the detailed harmoniccontext–of a performance. I do not worry about what I put into thesystem; it will come out exactly the same. It’s been a personalrevelation.”

For more information from Mike Pappas, American Digital Recording,call 303/988-0976 or e-mail [email protected]. Genex can bereached online at