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Cover Your Ceiling With Clouds

Adding to the current Cloud Series, Community recently debuted the new CLOUD 4 and CLOUD 6 loudspeakers.

Adding to the current Cloud Series, Community recently debuted thenew CLOUD 4 and CLOUD 6 loudspeakers. The self-contained coaxial,bass-reflex systems are designed for ceiling-mounted applications, andemploy proprietary Air Gap Technology (AGT) cooling.

Pictured: CLOUD 6

Outfitted with four and six-inch woofers, both the CLOUD 4 and CLOUD6 feature a 3/4-inch aluminum tweeter, aluminum mounting dogs, whitepowder coat finish, a split-ring for blind mounting, and T-barsupports. Enclosed in an all-aluminum bezel assembly incorporating asealed backcan, each loudspeaker system comes with a removablenon-fiberglass damping material inside, and a rear compartmentenclosing a smart connect plug, wire restraint, and removable coverplate.

When flush-mounting, the entire installation sequence can beperformed from below the ceiling grid. Using the split-ring, theloudspeakers can be pushed up into the mounting hole and secured withfour machine screws found under the grille which clamp down the dogs.When flush-mounting isn’t an option, each loudspeaker’s four hangpoints can be used.

Optional support hardware includes a drywall rough-in plate, speedsaw and input plates. MSRP: CLOUD 4, $150; CLOUD 6, $198.

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