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Creation X Recording Opens Doors Despite Pandemic

Nikki McGuinness built her new studio for her business, Creation X Recording, despite the pandemic, and outfitted it with custom cabling from VDC Trading.

Inside Creation X Recording
Inside Creation X Recording

Wokingham, UK (May 26, 2021)—Nikki McGuinness had been planning for a while to build a new hybrid studio to house her music production business, Creation X Recording. Unfortunately, the construction project kicked off in March, 2020—just in time for the first UK COVID-19 lockdown. Undeterred, she forged ahead despite the pandemic and a literal fall along the way.

“As a recording artist turned producer / engineer, I know only too well how important the feel and position of a studio is.  Acoustics are a given, but you also need to be in a location that both sparks and conceives ideas – and we think our family farm does just that,” said McGuinness.

Outside Creation X Recording

The new room-within-a room studio, based in the grounds of 100-acre Birchin Inhams Farm in Wokingham, took 12 months to construct. McGuinness learnt what materials to purchase and built the whole thing, including all the internal acoustic treatment, with the support and expertise of her friends and contacts. Halfway through the project, however, she fell off a ladder while putting the bass traps in—the result was a 10-day stay in hospital and three months’ recuperation at home to let her broken leg and fractured foot heal.

Calrec installs Van Damme ethernet cables in UK demo facility

The 21 x 14-foot space is now up and running, offering flexibility for musicians in part through its VDC Trading custom-manufactured cables VDC built D25 multis made with Van Damme Blue 8 Pair, as well as both speaker and microphone cables of various length.

VDC created custom cabling for the facility based around its Van Damme Blue 8 Pair cables.
VDC created custom cabling for the facility based around its Van Damme Blue 8 Pair cables.

The various cables—Van Damme Blue Series 2 Pair, Blue Series 2×2.5mm and Purple and Black Quad—were chosen for their performance and toughness, and then hand-assembled at VDC using Black and Gold Neutrik connectors. All of the cables were custom-labelled to aid day-to-day use. “Once I had spoken to the team, I trusted them and it was obvious that I had to have Van Damme cables in my studio,” said McGuinness. “I am thrilled with the sound– it has a sonic quality to it and I know the cabling will last well into the future.”

“We believe that great things can be created here,” she added. “Building it was a labour of love and passion – and a lot of pain!  I did a massive amount of research into the best leads on the market and was subsequently introduced to VDC by a well-known pro-audio engineer.

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