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Cube-Tec QUADRIGA Used at Library of Congress

Cube-Tec's distributor Sascom Marketing Group has delivered a comprehensive QUADRIGA audio archival systems to the Library of Congress in Washington,

Cube-Tec’s distributor Sascom Marketing Group has delivered acomprehensive QUADRIGA audio archival systems to the Library ofCongress in Washington, D.C.

Because future plans include audio restoration on the same system,the Library of Congress chose the AudioCube 5-based QUADRIGA system,using a Dell D650 dual-2.66GHz processor workstation. The AudioCube 5system includes 36GB system and audio drives, CD and DVD burners,Mykerinos 24-channel audio card, Wavelab 4 and Nuendo editors, andNetSupport remote help software. The system also includes four QUADRIGAImport Modules to facilitate automated or semi-automated capturing fromseveral different sources, including 1/2-inch tape, vinyl, cassette anda variety of other source machines.

On the QUADRIGA software side, the system is configured with theBWF-Editor (shown), which includes the “BatchProcessor,”“FSC-Checker” (File Security Code) and“BWF-Merger” modules. For audio analysis during thecapturing process, the system includes AnalogObserver, the analyticalengine for all audio analysis done on the QUADRIGA system. Tofacilitate the analysis of audio files that are already in the digitaldomain, the system includes the 192kHz version of the“AudioFile-Inspector,” an analytical module that identifiesand logs errors that exist in both the analog and digital domain withindigital files. Quality reports generated during capturing, orsubsequent to capturing, with AudioFile-Inspector are stored with othermetadata in the header of the Broadcast .WAV file.

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