DVD-AUDIO VERSION 1.0 APPROVED The DVD Forum steering committee has approved Version 1.0 of the DVD-Audio Disc specifications, making it the fifth of

DVD-AUDIO VERSION 1.0 APPROVEDThe DVD Forum steering committee has approved Version 1.0 of the DVD-Audio Disc specifications, making it the fifth of the DVD format family, following DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM and DVD-R. The effort, which began in January 1996, was carried out by the DVD Forum's Working Group 4, under the chairmanship of Victor Company of Japan Ltd. (JVC). The Forum will publish the DVD-Audio Format Book, which will be made available to authorized companies. For more information visit or call 011/8145/450-1488.

EAW PURCHASES SIA SOFTWAREEastern Acoustic Works recently purchased SIA Software Company Inc., best known for developing the JBL Smaart Pro system optimization and acoustic measurement software for Windows. EAW president Ken Berger said the company was acquired because the companies share a vision regarding the direction of product development. EAW stated that JBL would continue to be the exclusive source for the product until the upgraded Version 3.0 would become available; at press time, that was scheduled to occur in March.

SIA Software will continue to be based in New York City, with Sam Berkow and all other key personnel continuing in their current roles. Additionally, Jamie Anderson was appointed product manager for SIA and will be based at EAW headquarters in Whitinsville, Mass.

NEUMANN, SONIC SOLUTIONS RECEIVE TECHNICAL AWARDSTwo audio manufacturers were recently honored with high-profile awards for technical achievement.

Georg Neumann GmbH received this year's Technical Grammy Award, a special merit award given for contributions of outstanding technical significance to the recording field. The recipient is determined by the Recording Academy's Technical Committee, with final approval by the National Trustees. Professor Jorg Sennheiser, President and CEO of the Sennheiser Electronic Corporation (Berlin), accepted the award on behalf of Neumann.

Dr. James "Andy" Moorer, chief scientist and founder of Sonic Solutions, received a scientific and technical Academy Award for his work in the design of digital signal processing and its applications to audio editing for film.

FURMAN MANAGEMENT BUYS BACK COMPANYFurman Sound Inc. announced the sale of the company in a management-led buyout from the founder and sole shareholder Jim Furman. The buying group consists of Gary Kephart, president and CEO; Joe Desmond, VP of sales; Hunt Moore, VP of materials; and Pacific Mezzanine Fund, a private investment fund based in Emeryville, Calif.

"We are excited by the opportunity to take Furman Sound to the next level of product development, manufacturing quality and customer satisfaction," said Kephart. Furman Sound has been manufacturing power conditioning/distribution and signal processing equipment since 1976.

ANALOG COALITION RESTRUCTURESThe Analog Option Coalition has restructured and is now called Analog Options Consulting, a division of Wavelength Communications. The group will address issues surrounding analog recording, including hardware availability, maintenance and upgrade services, new analog formats, analog's relationship to new high-resolution digital formats, tape media availability and costs, maintenance tech training and accurate media portrayal of analog's continuing role in the industry.

AOC coordinator Bruce Borgerson cited the emergence of the Music Producers Guild of the Americas and Mastering Engineers Guild of the Americas, alongside SPARS, AES and other groups, as the primary reason for not trying to press forward with a similar structure. "Instead of setting up yet another formal association, Analog Options Consulting will enlist the support of various companies and constituencies on a project-by-project basis to achieve a specific set of goals." For further information e-mail

CHANGES AT APRSThe Professional Recording Association (APRS) announced additions and changes to its board. Adrian Kerridge retired chairmanship after serving four years. Dave Harries was appointed new chairman and will be supported by deputy chairman Peter Filleul and Malcolm Atkin. Peter Fielder of CTS Studios was welcomed as new director, and Phil Dudderidge now chairs the exhibitor's group.

MACKIE DESIGNS, SAM ASH AND SAMSON SETTLEThe lawsuits between Mackie Designs, Samson Technologies and Sam Ash Music Corporation were settled recently. Sam Ash Music will commence acting as a dealer for Mackie products effective April 2. Other terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

Mackie's lawsuits against Behringer Spezielle Studiotechnick and Behringer International are ongoing.

UPCOMING SHOWSNSCA EXPO '99 takes place at the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center in Nashville and is expected to draw over 5,000 attendees and more than 490 exhibitors from around the world. Pre-Expo educational workshops run from April 26-28, with educational seminars April 29 to May 2. Demonstration rooms are open April 29 to May 1. For more info visit or call 800/466-6722.

The Society of Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS) announced the schedule and theme for this year's BizTech '99. The conference, which takes place May 15-16 at Chicago's Midland Hotel, is titled Smart Business-Smart Technologies. Bob Ludwig of Gateway Mastering Studios will kick off the event with a keynote address, "Navigating the Future: Audio Delivery Technologies." For further information, call 800/771-7727 or e-mail

WEB SITESMaxell's Professional Media Products Group's site can now be accessed directly via, bypassing Maxell Corporation of America's home page (

Former head of MCA Music Entertainment Group and industry veteran Al Teller launched Atomic Pop (, which is described as a music-driven lifestyle Web platform. The Internet-centric music company is committed to changing the way music is acquired, marketed, promoted, sold and distributed. The company recently signed the group L7 and broadcast the world premiere of "Blondie Live."

Visit to view 53 pages of product info, FAQs, company and technical history and more.

The Bat Cave Recording Studio's site at features sections on studio design, a monthly industry e-zine, links and merchandise information.

Radial Engineering can be found at The new site features product specs, newsletters, operator manuals, competitive reports and a customer comment area.

Sweetwater Sound updated its electronic trading post. The renovated site,, offers upgraded search features and allows customers more control of their own ads.

Swedish company Fact42 ( invites sound and lighting companies to send in their press releases for publication. They also invite Webmasters of sites related to the touring and concert industry to send them news.

Gibson and Opcode Systems set up a site ( ) that provides information on their high-tech spin-off company.

CORRECTIONSIn the Producer's Desk on John Snyder (Jan. '99) we misprinted the title of Derek Truck's new album as Quintet; The real title of the release is Out of the Madness.

In the mic preamp article "...And Nothing But the Gain" (Feb. '99) we inadvertently referred to Grace Design as Grace Designs. Our apologies.

In the Surround Sound Monitoring article (Mar. '99) HHB's phone number was misprinted in the manufacturer contact box. The correct number is 310/319-1111.