PRG BUYS A-1 AUDIO, ELECTROTEC Production Resources Group has purchased A-1 Audio & Lighting Productions (Westlake Village, Calif.). This acquisition
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PRG BUYS A-1 AUDIO, ELECTROTECProduction Resources Group has purchased A-1 Audio & Lighting Productions (Westlake Village, Calif.). This acquisition closely follows PRG's buyout of sound company Electrotec in March, completing a hat trick of West Coast sound company acquisitions and continuing its roll-up of event production services. Though no major changes are planned, the structure, offices and personnel of the combined efforts of A-1, Electrotec and ProMix West (formerly known as Burns Audio) were still evolving at press time.

Says Lew Mead, president of the PRG Audio Group, "Our depth-in geography, personnel and areas of expertise-is now revolutionary. Our group consists of companies that are the leaders in audio for special events, corporate, theater, concert touring and on Broadway. We no longer do a lot of this and a little of that; we can truly handle events in any market with the very best in equipment, personnel and service."

A-1 was founded in 1969 by Albert V. Siniscal as an outgrowth of his work for early 1970s tours with the Righteous Brothers and the Doobie Brothers. With locations in Hollywood, Santa Monica, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Branson, Mo., and New York City, the company has enjoyed enormous success. Siniscal was positive about the acquisition, saying, "We are proud to be part of the PRG Audio Group. We will now be able to provide service for the next 30 years as we have in the past 30 years."

A-1 Audio joins ProMix and Electrotec in PRG's Audio Group, while the company's lighting services will become part of PRG's Lighting Group. Tom Sorce, A-1 Audio CEO, was enthusiastic as well. "On Monday, April 6, PRG acquired A-1 Audio Inc., forming the largest performance audio company in the world," Sorce says. "The PRG Audio Group now has an unprecedented ability to provide service and technical support for clients."

A-1 Audio summer tours include Offspring, Aerosmith, Motley Crue and Chicago. Electrotec has been out with Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, Lenny Kravitz, Tom Petty and Marilyn Manson, with Elvis Costello scheduled for June. ProMix West projects include the Academy of Country Music Awards, along with studio tapings of Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and the Cher Show.

ProMix in New York was acquired by PRG in January 1998, and the company continues to provide sound for Broadway productions and special events. West Coast PRG lighting divisions are Production Lighting Systems, Light & Sound Design and Production Arts in L.A., and Cinema Services in Las Vegas. On the East Coast are Production Arts in New Jersey, Vanco in Orlando and Lighting Technologies in Atlanta.

IVOR DRAWMER RECEIVES LIFETIME TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARDThe UK's Association of Professional Recording Services (APRS) honored Ivor Drawmer with the coveted Award for Lifetime Technical Achievement to the Audio Industry. The award is in recognition of Drawmer's influential contribution to pro audio design over the past 20 years.

"Ivor's designs have not only played a significant role in the way that signal processing has evolved, but have also shaped the product ranges of our competitors," says Ken Giles of Drawmer. "His past achievements with analog circuitry and his presence at the leading edge of 24-bit/96k digital processing illustrate his versatility and make him a unique technical figure in our industry."

CCS SHUTS DOWN INTERNET PIRATE SITESCopyright Control Systems, a UK company dedicated to reducing copyright abuse of software, with particular focus on the Internet, announced that in its first six months it worked with Internet service producers around the world to remove more than 1,000 Internet sites offering pirated, unlicensed or "kracked" versions of CCS members' audio software for download.

Managing director Dave Powell said, "To get an idea of the economic effects of our actions, imagine that we had left 250 Internet sites up and running which were posting 'kracked' software for six months. Let's say that each day, one piece of software valued at, for instance, $300 was pirated from each of these 250 sites by someone who would otherwise have bought this software. Over six months, the value of software stolen this way would amount to around $13.5 million. If you now consider these figures are conservative estimates, you can easily see how CCS's actions are preventing a significant amount of economic damage. We've proved that CCS is able to do in a remarkably short time what everyone said would be impossible.

Besides shutting down Internet pirate sites, CCS provides antipiracy information through the trade press and trade organizations.

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LIQUID AUDIO FOUNDER STEVEN HOLTZMAN, 1956-1999Steven Holtzman died at his Woodside, Calif., home of cancer at age 43. Born in Great Neck, N.Y., Holtzman became an accomplished musician, and he received a doctorate in music and computer science from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland when he was 24 years old.

While at Edinburgh, he directed the first electronic music festival held in conjunction with the annual Edinburgh Festival. A frequent adviser to start-up companies, Holtzman founded Perspecta in San Francisco, Liquid Audio in Redwood City and Optimal Networks in Mountain View. He also held executive positions with Radius, Farallon and Wyse Technologies and was a member of the board of advisers to Motion Factory. Holtzman was a frequent writer and contributor for public radio and other news media on the subject of digital media.

CORRECTIONS"On the Cover" in our March issue featured New York City's Quad Recording, but we failed to mention that there are three identical Dynaudio/Munro M4+ four-way active monitor systems at Quad, used in the two SSL 9000J rooms and in the new SSL Axiom-MT room. In addition, in the Classic Tracks section of Recording Notes, we printed that Bernie Grundman mastered the Blondie album AutoAmerican. The mastering engineer on that project was actually Steve Hall. Mix regrets the errors.

Mix will present StudioPro99, a two-day conference on the technology and business of recording, June 14-15 at the Universal City Hilton in Los Angeles.

Ten panels and forums will address the technologies, formats and new applications that will shape recording and sound production in the 21st century. The conference will focus on topics including "Audio Production for the Web," "DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD," "Sound Design for Interactive Entertainment" and "The Hybrid Workspace: Integrating Consoles and Workstations."

Participating moderators and panelists will include Al Schmitt, Shawn Murphy, George Augspurger, Vincent Van Haaff, Ed Cherney, David Reitzas, Jeff Rona, Don Gehman, Denzil Foster and many more experts in audio technology, disc mastering, acoustics and studio design, and audio production for new media.

The conference is sponsored by Dolby Labs, Quantegy, Alesis, Audio-Technica, Genelec and Mackie Designs. To receive a StudioPro99 brochure and registration materials, call Julie Shandrew at 510/653-3307, ext. 3242, or e-mail