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Cycling ’74 M for Mac OS X

Cycling '74 has released M Version 2.6, which adds compatibility with Mac OS X.

Cycling ’74 has released M Version 2.6, which adds compatibilitywith Mac OS X. Originally released in the 1980s by Intelligent Music, Mis an interactive composing and performing system that takes notes andchords the user specifies and manipulates them to create musicalcompositions that unfold during live performance.

M 2.6 features compatibility with OS X Core MIDI so it can use it topower the many software synthesizers now available. With M’s ability toact as a virtual source of MIDI for other applications, it can beeasily used to control other software such as Ableton Live or softwaresynths such as Reason. M can also be controlled by other sequencers viaits Input Control System that maps MIDI notes to performance gesturessuch as muting voices, changing presets and assigning variables.

M 2.6 for OS X is available for $74 or as a free update for ownersof M 2.5.7 or later. For more information, visit For morenew product announcements, visit