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Danish Broadcasting to Install Two SSL C100 Boards

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation will install two Solid State Logic 24 frame C100 Digital Broadcast Consoles in its Studios 11 and 12, replacing the

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation will install two Solid StateLogic 24 frame C100 Digital Broadcast Consoles in its Studios 11 and12, replacing the existing analog consoles.

The facility produces radio and television programming, includingnews, documentaries and light entertainment. The console upgrades arescheduled to take place throughout 2003, with Studio 11’s consoledue for installation in July and Studio 12’s in December. Bothstudios handle audio production for television.

Peter Riis-Vestergaard, Danish Broadcasting’s project managerfor Studio 11, recently visited SSL’s Oxfordshire premises to runacceptance tests on his C100 and meet the company’s engineeringteam. “The C100 is a fantastic console and we are delighted withour choice,” he said. “It will give us much moreflexibility than we could ever hope to achieve with analog and willalso enable us to work more effectively with the digital material wereceive from our servers. One of the biggest advantages we haveidentified is the console’s ability to allow staff to workoffline: They will be able to complete large parts of any given projecton their own computers before downloading the material to the C100 forfinal production. This will save everyone an enormous amount oftime.

“The desk’s configuration is very different to that ofan analog console, so it is important that our staff have time to getused to it,” Riis-Vestergaard added. “With digital, there are no audiopatch panels as everything is configured within the desk’scomputer. The staff will have to get used to using touch screens andmenus, as well as knobs and buttons. Because the C100 is really verysimple to operate, we believe they will soon find it much faster andmore versatile.”

The facility is currently building a brand-new, all-digitalbroadcasting facility, DR Byen, near Copenhagen, which is scheduled forcompletion in 2006.

For more information on the C200 boards, visit SSL online at