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Dave Mason on Tour

JBL announced its sponsorship of this summer's Dave Mason tour. In addition to sponsoring the tour, JBL will be "onstage" by way of custom monitors designed specifically for this tour.

JBL announced its sponsorship of this summer’s Dave Mason tour. Inaddition, JBL will be “onstage” by way of custom monitors designedspecifically for this tour.

A variation of JBL’s SR4702X standard product offering, themirror-image monitors will provide even distribution on high and lowfrequencies to Mason while o stage. Mason will also be utilizing CrownMA-602 and MA-3600 amps, as well as a dbx DriveRack260.

Mason is happy with the performance of the system, stating, “Since Ihave to deal with P.A. companies at every venue, the monitor systemthat JBL has developed for me has greatly reduced the surprise factorand has afforded me an onstage monitor system that is reliable,consistent and has a quality that is second-to-none.”

This summer’s tour features Phil Bonano at the FOH position. Soundengineer and technical advisor, Bonano has been working with Mason inthe studio on his upcoming album. Bonano has been pleased with theperformance of the SR-X monitors. “Dave’s been in the studio for solong, he’s accustomed to a recording monitor,” stated Bonano. “Wewanted to give him a stereo-quality studio monitor onstage. The SR-Xmonitors give Dave the comfort of knowing he’s got aconsistent-sounding monitor system that he can trust to sound greatevery time.”

The tour is hitting smaller venues this time around and is notutilizing a sound company. The FOH console has been typically thevenues’ own equipment, and the monitor engineer has either been thehouse engineer or the bass player.

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