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Dave Moulton Returns to Teach Courses at Parsons Audio

Noted educator Dave Moulton will once again offer a series of intense, short courses in audio for musicians and audio professionals throughout New England,

Noted educator Dave Moulton will once again offer a series of intense, short courses in audio for musicians and audio professionals throughout New England, beginning September 26. The courses are sponsored by Parsons Audio in Wellesley, Mass.

“We want to offer some really decent college-level courses for people who just don’t have the time or money to deal with traditional colleges,” said Moulton. “I designed these courses to give immense bang-for-the-buck, with a minimum of hassle and bureaucratic intrusion. We’ve kept the class size way down, and thanks to Parsons’ access to current equipment and the quality of my studio, we have terriific class/lab facilities!” These facilities include Moulton’s studio, Digital Media Services (Groton, Mass).  DMS is a 24-track, automated, post-production room that features TEF Analysis and discrete 6-channel surround sound monitoring. About half of the classes in each course will take place there, while the remaining classes will meet in the Parsons Audio demonstration room in Wellesley, Mass.

Beginning on Wednesday, September 26th, Moulton will teach Signal Processing I, an introductory course on audio signal-processing equipment such as equalizers, compressors and reverbs. There will be six three-hour classes on successive six and 12 students, and those who complete the course will receive a certificate.

Following this, Moulton will offer a class on critical listening, which will begin on Thursday, October 2, and run for five successive Thursday evenings. Later in the fall, a more advanced signal-processing course, Signal Processing II, will begin on Wednesday, November 2, while “A Wine Tasting of Audio Gear” course will begin on Thursday, November 3. “‘Wine Tasting’ will be a detailed listening course, using an array of blind and sighted listening tests to evaluate microphones, loudspeakers, microphone preamps and whatever the class would be interested in. This is the perfect opportunity for anybody who’s interested in finding out for themselves just how important different microphones are, for instance, or to help them choose the right loudspeaker,” Moulton commented.

Beginning in January, Fundamentals of Audio and Principles of Acoustics will be offered.

“We’re delighted to be able to sponsor somebody with the teaching credentials and experience that Dave has,” said Mark Parsons. “A key aspect of our business is educational outreach.  We like to do all that we can to help our customers learn, and we know of no one better able to provide that education than Dave Moulton. Anyone who has taken his courses or read his articles in Recording magazine and TV Technology would agree. Dave’s course evaluations have always been just fabulous, and we expect these new classes to be even better!”

For more information, call Parsons Audio at 617/431-8708 or visit