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David Foster


It was the equivalent of hitting the engineering lottery when I started working for David Foster in the mid-’80s. He had opened his first professional home studio and just earned his fourth and fifth Grammys. Working exclusively for David over the next 10 years (and freelance ever since), I discovered the amazing genius behind David’s deep passion for record making, as he deservedly added another nine statues to his collection. It’s very clear to me that my career was launched by walking on the shoulders of a giant.

Choices bombard each day in the life of making music, and David is a master at understanding the power to create without getting bogged down, second-guessing his instincts. He listens with his heart and has the gift of inspiring artists to give their absolute best. David often remarked that getting a record or performance up to the 95-percent level of greatness was fairly easy, but the real magic happens in that last five percent. That’s where hit records are born and recording artists rise to the level of superstar. Thanks, David, for all that you have given. It is more than anyone could have ever dreamed of.
Dave Reitzas, mixer/engineer/producer

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