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dbx ZonePro 640, 641

dbx introduced the ZonePro™ 640 (pictured) and 641 digital zone processors, featuring dbx’s proprietary AFS™ Advanced Feedback Suppression.

dbx introduced the ZonePro™ 640 and 641 digital zoneprocessors, featuring dbx’s proprietary AFS™ AdvancedFeedback Suppression. The ZonePro 641 has all the same features andspecifications as the ZonePro 640 but comes with a contractor-onlycontrol blank front panel.

With a System Setup Wizard and intuitive processing modules,contractors can set up a multizone paging and background music systemwithout having to lift the lid or switch jumpers. Offering EQ, dynamicsprocessing, bandpass filtering, and standard BGM functions such aspriority override and ducking, the ZonePro 640 and 641 providecontractors with a comprehensive background music DSP solution.

The ZonePro 640 and 641 are available immediately. For moreinformation, visit For more new soundreinforcement products, visit Toread Mix‘s NSCA show report, visit