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Disturbed: Indestructible(Reprise Records)

I’m finding it a bit difficult to believe that it has been almost a decade since Chicago-based Disturbed blasted onto the hard-rock scene with its guttural monkey-like “ooh, wah, aah, aah” cry, pounding drums and inescapably brutal lyrical content. Rockers across the world must be cheering for Disturbed’s latest, a hard-hitting adventurous album that has comes at a time when what often constitutes a metal album is merely alt-rock.

Frontman David Draiman is in top form; his brooding vocals continue to sear through the speakers and hit you right in the gut. And before you know it, guitarist Dan Donegan and drummer Mike Wengren come at you with a double-punch of electrifying guitar lines and a hard-knockin’ drum line. Obviously, their work with producer Johnny K created a solid base from which the band could easily step into the production role for this offering. So strap on your headphones and turn off that cell phone—this is an album you have you to listen to from beginning to end because Disturbed has you pinned down.

Producers: Disturbed. Engineering/producing: Tadpole. Assistant: Justin Wilks. Pro Tools operators: Tadpole, Cameron Webb. Mixer: Neal Avron at Paramount (Hollywood). Mix assistant: Nick Fournier. Studio: Groovemaster (Chicago). Mastering: Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound (New York City).