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Music Production

Dixon Digs Yamaha Monitors

Producer Thaddeus Dixon has been using Yamaha HS8 powered studio monitors and an HS8S powered sub.

New York, NY (March 26, 2018)—Thaddeus Dixon, AKA The Music Man, has been using Yamaha HS8 powered studio monitors and an HS8S powered subwoofer in his studio space.

As a producer and songwriter, Dixon’s credits vary, from co-writing “Better When I’m Dancin’” with Meghan Trainor for The Peanuts Movie, to working with Ariana Grande and Adam Lambert and producing the track “Violations” for Talib Kweli, as well as performing on numerous morning and late-night talk shows.

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“As a producer and songwriter first,” said Dixon, “I do initial mixes based on feel and emotion. Because I do pop and R&B, I like to hear it loud—like listeners who want to feel that same emotion expect to hear it in the car or on the dance floor. The HS8s deliver that loudness, but also give me all the detail and clarity I need right up front.”

According to Dixon, the HS8s bear a visual—and something of an aural—resemblance to the enduring (and long discontinued) NS-10. “Everyone wants a pair of NS-10s,” he says. “Even people who don’t know their sound recognize their look, and know that those white woofer cones on top of your desk mean you’re serious about getting your mix right. The HS8s are sort of like the new NS-10 because they give me that accuracy, but are more pleasant to the ear to work on all day.”

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Ultimately, Dixon found that an HS8S subwoofer along with the-full range HS8 monitors were a good fit for his facility. “My studio is pretty small, about 300 square feet,” he comments. “And even though the HS8 produces plenty of bass on its own, I’m a drummer and a bass player, so I really want to hear that low end and be able to make good decisions down there. Again, it’s about the feel. The HS8S is compact enough not to take over my studio, but it still has plenty of oomph. Plus, the transition seems really smooth. I don’t hear a hole in the sound between the sub and the speakers — all three together are a perfect match.”

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