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DMT Rentals 3-in-1 Workstation

DMT Rentals’ new production system, the DMT 3-in-1 Workstation, is a multiplatform environment that includes Nuendo, Pro Tools and Pyramix

DMT Rentals’ new production system, the DMT 3-in-1Workstation, is a multiplatform environment that includes Nuendo, ProTools and Pyramix (both PCM- and DSD/SACD-capable). Any of the threeapplications can be configured as the primary DAW with the other pairas specialized support.

“DMT is the only rental company in the United States to offerMerging Technologies’ Pyramix, Steinberg’s Nuendo and Digidesign’s ProTools for Windows,” said company president Doug Botnick, pictured withthe workstation and companion 96/192kHz AD/DA converters. “And, becausewe have bundled the applications into one convenient, self-containedworkstation, interchange is seamless and easy.” Direct StreamDigital/DSD is fully implemented via Pyramix,, as well as 24-bit linearPCM up to 192 kHz.

In typical use, a project would be recorded on one DAW platform,with editing, processing, mixing or mastering performed on one or twoof the other platforms. High-speed networking, file acquisition andfile sharing are achieved via Gigabit Ethernet. “The master PC offers2.8GHz dual-Xeon processing, along with a full Terabyte ATA IDEremovable hard drive RAID,” explained DMT operations manager JayceMurphy. “This powerful combination of processing and storage capacitywill likely never reach full capacity.”

A single-rack-unit Medea houses a 750Gigabyte RAID that offers anadditional large-capacity and portable storage option. Theconfiguration includes Windows XP Professional, FireWire, LVD160 SCSIreceiver and external connections, plus a CD/DVD-RW drive.

“The DMT 3-in-1 Workstation’s outstanding processing power alsoallows backups while recording,” Murphy said. “And a full line of VSTand TDM plug-ins is included for all three platforms, making itparticularly easy for our clients to move projects and files betweentheir workstation and ours.” Powerful DMT small-form workstations areoffered as networked or stand-alone companions to the DMT 3-in-1Workstation.

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