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DPA Microphones Capture Rocket Launch

Florida-based audio engineer Gary Faller had a unique project:

Florida-based audio engineer Gary Faller had a unique project: torig a pair of large-diaphragm DPA 4041 stereo mics on the roof of theU.S. Air Force Hangar AE at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla., tocapture the sound of a Delta Rocket as it streaks into space to launcha Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite.

The launch of GPS II-R was broadcast from a TV truck where Fallerhad to integrate a mix of network feeds, weather balloon reports,launch team dialog and the sounds from the rocket.

To accurately mike the sounds of the rocket from launch pad to theoverhead track until it was out of listening distance, Faller dependedon the DPA 4041S stereo pair into the HMA4000 130-volt powersupply/preamp. The signal was then fed into a CD burner, which was thenfed to a Mackie Console to cross-fade between the launch pad mic andthe DPA mics—after the first mic had been destroyed by the blastimpact.

To get this done with the highest audio quality under thecircumstances, Faller used the DPA 3532S Mic Kit with A-B bar,windscreens and all of the accessories required for EFP applications.Describing the kit as “the ultimate way to go,” Falleradded, “DPA basically gives you everything you need, and the micshad more than enough headroom to let me capture the sound accuratelywith the right balance and impact.

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