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DPA Mics Capture Audio for DiRT Rally

Video game developers Codemasters recently put DPA d:dicate microphones to the test when capturing audio for its latest title, DiRT Rally.

Warwickshire, UK (August 24, 2016)—Video game developers Codemasters recently put DPA d:dicate microphones to the test when capturing audio for its latest title, DiRT Rally.

Chris Jojo, Senior Sound Designer and the Principal Sound Recording Engineer for Codemasters Racing, noted that DPA gear has been used by the company for 15 years, “…for field, prop and foley recording and for capturing onboard engine, exhaust and mechanical audio. These could include forced induction, differential, suspension and transmission across a wide spectrum of vehicles for all our motorsports titles.”

For DiRT Rally, d:dicate 4007 Omnidirectional, d:dicate 4011 Cardioid, d:dicate 4018 Supercardioid and d:screet 4062 Microphones were used across a whole slate of onboard recordings, ranging from classic Rally Era historics, Group B, A and 4 cars, as well as contemporary World Rally Championship and World Rallycross cars. All mics were routed into a Sound Devices 788T Digital Audio Recorder with either a -10 or -20dB in line attenuator at input.

Most car recordings for Codemasters’ titles are conducted on track, with the team rarely using chassis dynometers and rolling roads due to their inability to run off-load decelerations, which are integral to the timed cues needed to build in-game audio engines. Another important consideration is SPL tolerance and transient response, especially as some exhaust levels, overrun pops and detonations can often exceed 135dB.

“The d:dicate 4007, 4018, 4011 and d:screet 4062 mics can deliver the SPL tolerance, resilience, exceptional clarity and response that I need,” Jojo said. “My personal favorite is the d:dicate 4007, which is indispensable for recording engine and exhausts. The off-axis response yields a full-bodied detailed recording with exceptional transient response and pin-sharp clarity. Equally impressive is the low noise level. What is truly unique about this particular omni condenser is its surprising resistance to mild wind buffeting and plosives. I often use the d:dicate 4007 in tandem with a d:dicate 4011 on exhaust recording: the d:dicate 4007 above an exhaust, with the d:dicate 4011 in close proximity to the pipe, side-on. The d:dicate 4007 provides a natural ambient bed for the ‘bite’ and CU detail captured by the d:dicate 4011. Also, it often supports the ancillary ‘character’ engine/exhaust mic channels, which can be blended into a mix to highlight a specific attribute.”

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