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Drawmer SP2120 Now Available

The new Drawmer SP2120 Speaker Protector (MSRP: $849) eliminates the possibility of “unauthorized” excessive sound pressure levels

The new Drawmer SP2120 Speaker Protector (MSRP: $849) eliminates thepossibility of “unauthorized” excessive sound pressurelevels on speaker systems that can result in damage to both chassisdrivers and electronics. The SP2120 also gives venues the opportunityto comply with local legislation regarding noise levels.

Intended for insertion in the sound system immediately prior to theamplifier stage and taking a short time to install, the SP2120’ssignal path combines a mixture of “multiple time constant”circuitry and automatic gain control (AGC) which allows small overloadsto sound louder even though they are not.

The front panel of the 1-unit, 2-channel processor features anintegral security lock to ensure that only key holders may makeadjustments to the maximum volume levels. In “unlocked”mode, two front panel presets are available for adjustment by theinstaller. The first calibrates the 16-segment left/right bar graphsand the second sets the absolute volume level to which the system isallowed to perform.

If the SP2120 receives increased signal levels, then a transparentprotection circuit is activated, which maintains the specified volumelevel without degradation in sound quality. There is no sound qualityloss even during heavy protection processing.

The SP2120 eliminates sound system abuse and the resulting cost ofchassis speaker recones, HF diaphragm replacements and amplifierrepairs. It also reduces “call-out” costs of sound systemservice and repair engineers, and reduces sound system downtime and theconsequential loss of venue income.

According Brad Lunde, president of Transamerica Audio Group, theU.S. distributor for Drawmer, “When contractors install housesound systems for multi-user and multipurpose applications, they oftenbecome high-maintenance projects. An SP2120 installed in the signalpath immediately prior to the amplifier stage should assist thecontractor to sleep more soundly knowing only he and the venue managerhave a key. Drawmer protection at this price point is a realbargain.”

In other Drawmer news, the M-Clock is an affordable and highlyspecified multiple output master clock generator that incorporates fourchannels of sample rate conversion, with full up and down conversionlocked to one master clock. The application of a single synchronizationsource eliminates the need to switch between internal and external syncas equipment is repatched.

By providing a single timing reference source for all digitaldevices, M-Clock’s low-jitter, ultraprecise clock helps maintainoptimum stereo imaging, lower noise and lower distortion. M-Clockprovides eight output channels supporting 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz and96kHz sample frequencies, with two channels additionally supporting176.4 kHz and 192 kHz, and a further two channels offering 256Fs orSuperclock synchronization. For devices that lack word clockconnections, M-Clock also features four AES11 blank-frame sync outputs(44.1 kHz to 96 kHz), providing synchronization through each device’sdigital audio inputs using a “black” signal that carries noaudio information.

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