EARS Audio Distribution Redesigned Ultrasone Headphones

EARS Audio Distribution will launch the redesigned HFI-550 (pictured) and HFI-650 models, which incorporate Ultrasone’s S-Logic Natural Surround Sound

EARS Audio Distribution will launch the redesigned HFI-550(pictured) and HFI-650 models, which incorporate Ultrasone’sS-Logic Natural Surround Sound technology with PROline (formerly knownas ULE, Ultra Low Emission) options.

Made for high-power input, the new model HFI-550 headphone combines50mm Mylar electroacoustical transducers and a closed-back, circumauraldesign to produce a sound pressure even with a high environmental soundintensity. Frequency response is 10 Hz to 22 kHz, 32-ohm impedance.

The HFI-650 also offers a closed circumaural headphone design withexcellent acoustical shielding to generate a balanced and accuratesound. The HFI-650 offers a frequency response of 10 Hz to 25 kHz;impedance is 75 ohms.

Ultrasone’s HFI-550 and HFI-650 are available with either acoiled or straight cable terminating in a mini stereo jack plug with a1/4–inch adapter. The HFI-550 is supplied in a solid blackfinish, and the HFI-650 in satin gold. Both models incorporate headbandtechnology that allows either earpiece to fold comfortably upward forsingle-ear wear or to fold completely for easy storage. Both modelsalso include a carry bag.

For more information, visit www.ultrasone.com or stop by booth #6799. For morenew sound reinforcement products, visit mixonline.com/live_sound_products/index.htm.