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Edirol Announces Compact USB Audio Interfaces

Edirol's new UA-1X (SRP: $95) is a compact USB audio interface that replaces the UA-1A.

Edirol’s new UA-1X (SRP: $95) is a compact USB audio interface thatreplaces the UA-1A. It offers RCA audio input and output, as well as acombination port that offers both headphone out with volume control andS/PDIF optical output.

The UA-1X includes signal indicators to show when audio signals arepresent, and functions using the standard USB Audio driver includedwith the user’s operating system (PC or Mac). The UA-1X offers audiorecording capability up to 16-bit/48kHz quality.

Other new products from Edirol include the UA-3FX, which offersonboard DSP effects, up to 24-bit/48kHz audio quality, support for bothASIO2.0/WDM and OS standard drivers, and low-latency, direct-monitoringsupport. The UA-3FX includes RCA and S/PDIF connections, one guitarinput and a microphone input. The device is USB bus-powered and comeswith a SRP of $215. In the MIDI department, the company’s new UM-1X andUM-1SX devices replace its UM-1E and UM-1S with the addition of MIDIsignal indicators and a Selection switch to allow the user to choosebetween the Edirol Advanced driver and the OS standard MIDI driver. TheUM-1X offers a complete cable solution from the USB port of thecomputer to the MIDI device. The UM-1SX offers a MIDI input and a MIDIoutput port to allow the user to connect his or her own MIDI cable ofany length. Suggested retail prices: UM-1X, $50; UM-1SX, $45.

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