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Eighth Day Sound Takes Lake Contour Out With Good Charlotte

Eighth Day Sound in Ohio has put Lake Contour units on tour with Good Charlotte. FOH engineer Doug Fowler singled out Contour's Mesa and brickwall filters.

Eighth Day Sound in Ohio has put Lake Contour units on tour withGood Charlotte. FOH engineer Doug Fowler singled out Contour’s Mesa andbrickwall filters. Fowler, a SIA SmaartLive instructor, also said thathe is eager to test the new Lake software plug-in, which integratesSmaartLive’s spectrum, spectrograph and transfer functions directlywithin the Contour Controller graphical interface.

Jack Boessneck, executive VP at Eighth Day Sound, said that LakeTechnology did a smart thing by taking “this piece and making aturnkey package. You don’t have to go to the computer warehouse and tryto be a wireless guru. It’s a great product with a great interface thatwe don’t have to think about and that we know works. They made our jobreally simple. And we were smart: We bought it!”

Boessneck noted that the wireless interface allows Fowler to adjustthe sound system from anywhere in the venue. “It doesn’t chain anengineer to the desk any more,” he said. “It’s an added tool in thetoolbox for mixing engineers.”

Fowler agreed. “It’s an extremely powerful tool. We have ad&b Audiotechnik P.A. on this tour, a passive package deal withsome processing in the amps. So I’m basically using the Lake Contour asan EQ.” Fowler noted that he can walk down to the front of thevenue, for example, and use the wireless Lake Contour interface tooptimize the performance of the frontfills from the audience’sperspective.

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