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ELECTRO-VOICE N/D967 AND N/D367March 2003—Shown at Winter NAMM, Electro-Voice's N/D967 supercardioid vocal mic has an ultratight pickup and exclusive,

October 2005—The Electro-Voice ( Blue Cardinal is a cardioid condenser designed to capture the detail of voice and instrument in live sound or studio applications. Employing Class-A, discrete ultralow-noise amplifier circuitry, the Cardinal’s smooth and detailed performance is sure to please even the most discerning artists and engineers. Features include pressure-gradient cardioid condenser, Class-A discrete ultralow-noise circuitry, unique double swivel-mounted design for ideal positioning, innovative visual design and a cherry wood mic housing. Great for voice or instruments. Price: $269.

October 2005—The Electro-Voice Blue Raven is a stylish dynamic microphone designed to capture the character of live and studio vocals; it’s also the perfect microphone for live and studio instruments. The Raven incorporates the collaborative design work from the top industry microphone engineers to provide unparalleled performance in a stunning package. This dynamic mic with studio detail and clarity features a cardioid pattern with excellent off-axis rejection and a unique double swivel-mounted design for ideal positioning. Price: $199.

July 2005—The TEC Award̵nominated Electro-Voice RE410 ($322.50) is a cardioid condenser design that’s designed with a slight “air” band boost in the 5kHz to 10kHz range to add sheen without stridency. Also listing at $322.50 is the RE510, a supercardioid condenser model that includes an LF boost switch that tailors the mic for live use or a “flat” setting for studio applications. The switch is placed under the ball screen to avoid accidental switching. The company’s top handheld dynamic is the N/D967, which has a neodymium alloy element for high output, a 50 to 13k Hz response and a supercardioid pattern for high gain before feedback. Like the RE510, the N/D967 features Electro-Voice’s LF contour switch and carries a list of $322.50. All models have the company’s Warm-Grip handles for reduced handling noise and a comfortable feel.

June 2005—Now distributing BLUE Microphones, Electro-Voice debuted two models produced exclusively for Electro-Voice. The E-V/BLUE Cardinal (condenser, pictured) and Raven (dynamic) are front-address, cardioid models for vocal or instrument miking and feature a two-way integrated swivel mount for positioning ease.

March 2005—Unveiled at NAMM, Electro-Voice’s The Raven™ dynamic mic features a vintage look and a large swivel yoke mount; The Cardinal™ is similarly shaped (but in a cherry finish) with a cardioid condenser capsule with low-noise, Class-A discrete electronics.

March 2005—The RE410 handheld condenser mic for lead vocal applications has a uniform cardioid pickup pattern for feedback rejection and isolation from loud onstage sources; specs include a 50-20k Hz response and 140dB maximum SPL handling. A multistage pop filter reduces plosives and breath noise, while a Memraflex™ hardened steel grille offers protection and a Warm-Grip™ handle provides a comfortable feel and isolates handling noise.

March 2003—Shown at Winter NAMM, Electro-Voice’s N/D967
supercardioid vocal mic (pictured) has an ultratight pickup and exclusive,

low-profile grille to put the performer’s voice as close as possible to
the mic element for up to 6 dB more vocal, lower feedback and greater
rejection of unwanted sounds. Due to popular demand, E-V reintroduces
the N/D367s, a cardioid handheld with a response tailored especially
for the female voice. Both mics feature high-output N/DYM dynamic

November 2002—Electro-Voice offers the RE510, a supercardioid,
handheld condenser mic that features broad bandwidth, low distortion
and wide dynamic range. A low-frequency roll-off switch (securely
located beneath the integral windscreen) tailors the RE510’s response
to compensate for proximity effect. Designed to handle high SPLs, the
RE510 is equally suited for vocals or miking guitar amps, cymbals or
kick drums. Additional features include a Warm Grip handle for reduced
handling noise, a multistage pop filter and a Memraflex™ grille.
The RE510 is also available in a wireless head version to use with
E-V’s RE-1 wireless system.

June 2001—The Electro-Voice N/D767a is a dynamic design featuring a N/DYM magnet structure for high output. This supercardioid mic features a 25 to 22k Hz response, multistage capsule shock-mounting for low-handling noise, a comfortable Warm-Grip handle and VOB (Vocal Optimized Bass) tailoring that’s intended to provided a smooth proximity effect without muddiness. Retail is $252.