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Electro-Voice Compact Precision Series

Electro-Voice introduced its Compact Precision Series, the CP1200 (pictured), CP1800, CP2200 and CP3000S
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Electro-Voice introduced its Compact Precision Series, the CP1200(pictured), CP1800, CP2200 and CP3000S, which weigh 31, 33, 35 and 18pounds, respectively.

The lightest of the group, the flagship CP3000S provides aswitch-mode psu.

Features include four models ranging from 2x600 watts to 2x1,600W @2 ohms load; 30-percent dynamic headroom; Class-H design for less heatdissipation; very light and compact format; high-precision detent frontcontrols; dynamic audio limiter; robust construction and reliabledesign; and unique protection package including back EMFprotection.

For more information, visit www.electrovoice.com. For more new soundreinforcement products, visit mixonline.com/live_sound_products/index.htm.