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Elemental Audio Systems Releases Firium 2.0

Version 2.0 of Firium, a linear phase EQ, boasts a redesigned user interface and brings Digidesign Pro Tools RTAS compatibility

Version 2.0 of Firium, a linear phase EQ, boasts a redesigned userinterface and brings Digidesign Pro Tools RTAS compatibility to Mac OSX and Windows XP users; V. 2.0 is also available in VST and Audio Unitsformats for Mac OS X and VST format for Windows.

New in V. 2.0, Firium’s spectrum-matching engineer learns thespectral profile of an audio source and applies it to another to helpmatch the sound of different tracks. The spectrum-matching process canbe controlled manually or automated, and users are given constantvisual feedback on the learning process as Firium hones in on the bestspectral profile for the learned audio. Firium offers four locations tostore learned profiles and automatically matches when switching amongavailable locations.

Firium’s State features allow users to store up to 50 EQ“States” for instant recall or automation. Firium can fillempty states, smoothly transitioning, or “morphing,”between complex EQs, and States can be added, deleted and rearranged. Athumbnail States overview allows the user to visualize all EQ states;Firium’s States can be used to coordinate EQs for application ona mix or for completely creative effect.

Firium retains all of its original features for EQ creation,including a built-in spectrum analyzer, the ability to draw an EQcurve, EQ scaling and smoothing, and an extensive history.

Available for $129, Firium can also be purchased as a bundle for$149. Firium 2.0 will be provided as a free upgrade to registered usersof V. 1. Demo versions can be downloaded from For more new productannouncements, visit