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EMI Music Publishing Intros New Website

EMI Music Publishing, a leading music publisher, introduced the first "Search-to-Quote" online service in the music publishing industry. The site,,

EMI Music Publishing, a leading music publisher, introduced thefirst “Search-to-Quote” online service in the music publishingindustry. The site,, provides professional musicusers with a broad range of tools that afford greater control, speed,capability and depth of information when searching for and licensingsongs.

The new site provides direct access to more than 500,000 of EMI’scatalog, with a greater variety of search criteria tailored to theprecise needs of the music user.

“This is about our commitment to providing tools and resources forour clients that are both powerful and flexible,” said John Melillo, VPof emi musicResources, EMI Music Publishing. “This release of our sitehas dramatically more content, and for the first time, allows users tomanage as many attributes of their projects as they like, from creativeto business, all on the site.”

Key functions include: A Search and License feature allows users tosearch through all of the songs in EMI’s online catalogs and request alicensing quote on the spot. These advanced searches produce highlydetailed results, featuring sound clips, lyrics, label copy, hit yearand discography. Results can be further tailored with a “fuzzy” search,which compensates for spelling errors and typos, along with a Thesaurusfunction that automatically broadens the scope of a search to includerelated words, ideas and emotions.

Other Search and License features include:

  • Song Search, where music users can search the entire EMI songdatabase or limit their search to top songs only. Searches can beperformed by song title, artist, writer, hit year, album, record label,film and show.
  • Lyric Search, where users can search for ideas and emotions usingkey words or phrases.
  • License Request Forms that allow users to initiate the licensingprocess and retrieve a quote online. Once the process is in motion,users can log on to track the progress of each request.
  • The Sync TankSM affords industry professionals a secure, private,password-protected work area where they can organize and track theprogress of single or multiple projects, even those involving non-EMIsongs. With the private, password-protected Sync TankSM, clients canmaintain projects in separate folders, track ongoing work, add newprojects, and keep track of important details such as visualdescriptions, team members, music-use information and licensing status.Only the authorized user, or someone of their choosing, can view andwork within designated project folders. Users may also share their workand seek collaboration from colleagues around the world or down thehallway.
  • News & Charts provides important information about the people,places, songs and major events that affect the music publishingindustry.