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Emmy Noms to be Judged on DVD

This year, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences will distribute shows that are nominated for Emmy Awards in Outstanding Sound Editing and Outstanding

This year, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences willdistribute shows that are nominated for Emmy Awards in OutstandingSound Editing and Outstanding Sound Mixing categories via DVD so thatjudges will be able to hear the shows in their original multichannelbroadcast formats. In addition, shows can be heard in Dolby Surround,Dolby Digital 5.1 and in stereo. Previously, the Academy distributednominated content on VHS cassettes.

Programs presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 that have been nominated fora sound-related category include The Sopranos, Live FromBaghdad, Meredith Wilson’s The Music Man, The 75th AnnualAcademy Awards, The 45th Annual Grammy Awards, Aliasand James Cameron’s Expedition: Bismarck.

“Audio professionals mix many shows in surround sound because theybelieve that the format improves the viewing experience, so we are nowdistributing content on DVD to allow the judges to hear the nominatedprogram the way mixers originally intended,” said John Leverence, VP ofAwards for the Television Academy.

“We’re very gratified about this development,” said Patrick Artiaga,director of automotive and broadcast marketing at Dolby Laboratories.”With this move to DVD, the Academy voters will consider the quality ofthe multichannel mixes the sound editors and mixers have worked so hardto produce.”