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Endless Noise Creates New Nike Spot

Award-winning commercial music and sound design company Endless Noise (Los Angeles) announced details of its music composition, arranging and production

Award-winning commercial music and sound design company EndlessNoise (Los Angeles) announced details of its music composition,arranging and production work for the new Nike Golf Ball Go Far SuperSoft TV Series of television spots, which were directed by Gary Noltonfor Limbo Films and produced for Wieden + Kennedy in Portland.

The first of the spots debuted on the Golf Channel and ESPN onNovember 20, with more scheduled to air during sports programmingduring the next few months.

For this third extension of the “Ball Go Far” idea, which wascreated by project creative director and copywriter Jim Riswold,Endless Noise’s creative director Jeff Elmassian composedoriginal music for duets that treat the phrase “Super soft ballgo super far.” For the campaign’s three spots, the talentsof former Monkey Davy Jones were aligned with British rock iconMarianne Faithfull for “Post Modern,” legendary blues/rockguitarist Dave Edmunds was reunited with frequent collaborator anddeep-rooted country-western artist Carlene Carter for“Rockabilly,” and Michael Jackson collaborators SiedahGarrett and Dorian Holley teamed for “Afro-Vegas.”

During recording, only Garrett and Holley appeared in the samestudio (L.A.’s Westlake Audio) to record their performances.Jones’ performance was recorded at West Palm Beach’s Saturn SoundStudios, while Faithfull was connected via ISDN to L.A.’s TheComplex Studios from Studios Guillaume Tell in Paris. Edmunds wasrecorded at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, while Carter’s ISDN feed fromAudio Productions in Nashville was recorded at Westlake Audio. Themixes came together in Westlake Audio’s Studio D, The ComplexStudios’ Studio B and Capitol Studios Studio A. For “PostModern,” musicians included Andy Rehfeldt on acoustic andelectric guitars, Mike Valerio on electric bass and Jimmy Paxson ondrums. In addition to Edmunds’ guitar work on“Rockabilly,” Rehfeldt also played acoustic and electricguitars, Nick Ariando played accordian and Paxson played drums.“Afro-Vegas” again features Paxson on drums, as well asRick Baptist and Wayne Bergeron on trumpets, Tom Evans and BrandonFields on sax, Alex Iles on trombone and Tom Evans on clarinet.

The musical pieces were composed and produced around JimRiswold’s lyrics by Jeff Elmassian and arranged by Andy Rehfeldtand the rest of the Endless Noise team at their L.A.- based studio. Keycontributors included producer Kacy Palmieri, orchestrator ChrisGuardino and engineer Barry Goldberg. In addition to Jim Riswold,Wieden + Kennedy’s project team also included art director TimHanrahan, producer Ben Grylewicz and account executive Eric Gabrielson.For production company Limbo Films, Pamela Standley served as lineproducer.

Portland-based Joint Editorial’s Corky Devault edited thespots with the assistance of post producer Patty Brebner. Visualeffects and titles were supplied by Portland’s Downstream digitaland A52 in Los Angeles.

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