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Engineer Rob Griffin Learns About

Grammy Award–winning engineer Rob Griffin, a specialist in acoustic instrumentation, is now using the True Systems Precision 8 mic preamps

Grammy Award–winning engineer Rob Griffin, a specialist inacoustic instrumentation, is now using the True Systems Precision 8 micpreamps to record such clients as Wayne Shorter, guitarist MichaelHedges, Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker and Roy Hargrove. Griffin iscurrently working on a new live Shorter record, recorded (with the P8s)at such prestigious venues as Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw and Vienna’sKonzerthaus.

Pictured: Rob Griffin at the Hollywood Bowl’s 70th birthdaycelebration concert, August 2003

For recording Shorter’s quartet, Griffin has two Precision 8 unitsin two rackspaces for a total of 16 channels. He records to a TascamMX-2424 at 24-bit directly connected to the P8s. “I use them as thefront end—like a mic splitter—for the concert’s whole soundsystem,” Griffin said. “The MX-2424 connects with DB25connectors and the other XLR outputs go directly to the monitor and FOHmixer at line-level. It’s incredible the difference in quality of thewhole sound system by putting this level of mic preamps on the frontend.”

The True Systems Precision 8 has eight channels of transformerlessmic preamps each with five-segment level indicators and a selectablepeak-hold feature. Two channels are fitted with direct instrumentinputs, while channels one and two also function as a dedicated M/S(mid/side) stereo pair with the touch of a button. Designed for usewith today’s modular digital multitrack units and hard disk recordingsystems, the Precision 8 connects to Tascam or Mackie digital productsvia a DB25 connector.

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