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Erik Papp Named New President of Summit Audio

Summit Audio (Anaheim, Calif.), manufacturer of tube-based audio processors, has appointed Erik Papp as its new president Papp had his first experience

Summit Audio (Anaheim, Calif.), manufacturer of tube-based audioprocessors, has appointed Erik Papp as its new president

Papp had his first experience with Summit Audio at the age of eight,when he helped his father and former president of Summit Audio, MikePapp, make company brochures and has since learned every aspect of thecompany by working closely with his father. Papp’s business skills werealso evident when he successfuly ran a mobile DJ company, SelectiveSounds, at the age of 14 with a partner of the same age.

“I can’t think of anyone who has a better understanding of thiscompany’s past and present, as well as a clear vision for its futurethan Erik,” commented Mike Papp, who will remain with the company as aconsultant and will lead new-product R&D. “His combination ofbusiness smarts and audio know-how, in addition to his energy andpassion, makes him an ideal choice to lead this company as it continuesto grow and expand. Also, in this business, having a sense of humordefinitely helps. The future of Summit Audio is in the righthands.”

Erik Papp’s primary focus will be on managing Summit’s day-to-dayoperations, as well as exploring new ways to develop the businessthrough strategic planning, financial management and evaluation of newopportunities. He will also work closely with Summit’s sales team,dealing directly with distributors and customers.

“I literally grew up with this company, acquiring the same valuesthat made Summit what it is today,” said Erik Papp. “I will only expandupon what I know and what I have learned, and moving up to the positionof president is not just the best step for me, but the best step forSummit Audio.”

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